"Thanks for your kindness for offering free pressure test on Sunday in Rubaga Cathedral."


"This is a great job you are doing and very enlightening. My grandma suffered stroke but still alive though taking a lot of medication on daily basis. I encourage you to reach out to as many people as possible."


"Thanks for coming up with healthy strategy, awareness about stroke. Best wishes in your endeavors. God bless you."


"This is good news especially to the developing country like Uganda. Am a Ugandan who currently lives in Entebbe, and I find it amazing that our country gets an opportunity to access such life saving services and information."


"It is with great honor that I am part of this life saving initiative and am so glad too, to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your volunteering group."


"Am proud of being part of your volunteers. I lost my dad and uncle to stroke and am so proud to be part of the team spreading awareness on high blood pressure and stroke in Uganda. We don't want to lose more of our loved ones to stroke. Big ups to Dr. Chin for the great work, love and support."


"People need to know what is happening in their life. Many are dying silently with issues that can be checked. Something must be done, it's a good initiative, keep it up."